Friday, April 18, 2008

~They're back!!!~

The birds, that is! There are a few brave birds that stick around for the winter, but for the most part, they all head south. Now that it is warmer (yay!!!) they are coming back. I am sitting in my dining room with the windows open and I can hear their cheerful songs. Every once in a while I can hear goldfinches and cardinals, my two favorites.

I would have a bird feeder, but the sparrows clean me out on a daily basis. I like sparrows too - they are a cute little bird! - but when they are coming in droves I just can't pay for all the sparrows in my zip code to eat! I think I will put out a goldfinch feeder though and see what happens.

I have a special place in my heart for birds, I can't exactly explain why. But my heart thrills to hear them singing! I'm so glad they're back now!


Tori said...

I love the sound of birds, it's so alive!
BTW, glad to see you posting agian!

Mrs. H. said...

We love birds here, too. We get hummingbirds from spring through fall, and they love our feeders and our fluffy Boston ferns to hide in.

Dorothy said...

I used to love the sound of sparrows at my kitchen window. They made me think of a group of playful children. I've been watching cardnals, blue jays, woodpeckers, and of course robins. I don't like the starlings or crows or geese. I always wanted to be a bird so I could fly up in the trees.