Wednesday, August 06, 2008

~Happy August~

Hello, hello! Wishing those that still stop by a happy August! July just morphed into one looong day and then poof! it was gone!

The cicadas are beginning to sing make their noise, which makes me a little sad because summer is just going by too fast! I do like fall, but I like summer better! :-)

Our grass is brown because we decided to keep more green in our bank account! The price for water just kept going up, so we aren't watering the lawn. It worked out ok for the first part of the summer, but since mid-July we haven't gotten enough rain to keep the grass green. Oh well...a lot of our neighbors are doing the same thing, so we don't stick out too badly. Besides my flowers are still getting watered, so they cheer up the yard!

My red gladiolas were late bloomers. But at least they're blooming!

Well, I hope to pop in and out but I'm still kind of taking a bloggy break! Have a great day!


hima's said...

hi,tammy,your's is a very nice blog.
keep going.

cabcree said...

we didn't water our lawn either. it isn't too bad...but we could stand some rain. :)

Melody said...

I'm so glad you posted - I've missed seeing you!

Your glads are so pretty. For some reason, mine didn't bloom this year.....and I only have one red bulb anyway. It was nice to see yours!

Tiffany said...

Happy August to you too! Beautiful flowers!

Ruth T said...

Such wonderful news I heard today! you and K. are in our thoughts and prayers! Mrs. Truitt

Tori said...

Happy August to you too Tammy! I love your Glads and the colors are so nice!