Friday, April 27, 2012

~Christmas Napkins~

Something I rarely do is seasonal crafting or sewing. The reason is that I think of seasonal crafts, and come up with awesome ideas, but then I forget about the project until two days before the holiday. At that point, I have more pressing matters, so I say, "next year".

I recently acquired a piece of fabric which had six panels on it. Perfect for napkins! I cut them out on Sunday afternoon, and sewed them after church. It was a nice little project and I'm glad to have them done now and in a stack next to my linens. Waiting for Christmas. That's better than saying, "next year!"

Turning up the hem was so easy - the panels were edged with green fabric, so it created a line for turning.

Once when I was a teenager I sewed on Sunday afternoon, and then told one of the older ladies at church about my sewing project. She told me that for every stitch I sewed on Sunday I'd have to pick out with my nose in Heaven. Somehow I don't believe her. ;-) These napkins made for a relaxing project on Sunday, so I'm not going to worry about picking stitches out in Heaven. :D


Charity said...

Very pretty napkins! And funny story! I guess it just goes to show that what is work to one person, is pure relaxation to another... ;)

emerrube said...

I think I agree with Charity...what is work to one may be relaxation to another. I'd find it work. ;)

Tammy said...

Yes! I agree about work/relaxation depending on the person (and the project!). I never thought about it that way.

Sallie said...

David and I have discussed this many times. He enjoys working in the yard on Sunday because it is restful for him. He sits at a computer for work so being outside and getting some exercise is refreshing. I imagine people who do landscaping full-time play on their computers on Sunday. :-)