Saturday, January 03, 2015



And it was this year. First, I decided to sew superhero capes for my three nephews. I used the free pattern here (the neckline on the example in this post looks different than what the pattern makes up, which is a good thing, actually).

The three capes turned out so cute and I didn't know what to make (or buy) for my two state-side nieces, so I decided to make them capes too. 

(I have a new camera, still working out settings...the colors are very off in this picture. The capes on the left are red/yellow/black and on the right are purple/lavender/pink.)

I heard back from my SIL that "H" was running around all day Christmas being a superhero. And I talked to my sister recently and she said that "L" was a superhero all day and put the cape on her sister "C" so she could crawl around and be a superhero too. When her daddy came home from work, she told him about being a superhero. He asked her if she saved the world, and she said no, she saved the day! Too cute!

My daughter didn't get one for Christmas - she didn't need additional presents - but I knew she'd like one. So I made one along the others and finished it up on New Year's Day. Sure enough she was excited to get it and ran off a lot of energy using it! :)

So anyhow, back to the top picture: I was finishing these up on the Thursday before Christmas and I didn't finish in time to get them to the post office before they closed. So they went out on Friday and somehow they all made it for Christmas! Whew!

I think that I should start next year's presents I'm not mad-dashing about trying to get them done and in the mail on time. Maybe that would be better, hmm?


Tori Leslie said...

Wow, the United States Post came through for you!!! The capes are A-dorable!

Tammy said...

Thanks, Tori!