Friday, September 25, 2015

Happy Fall!

It's fall! To celebrate the first day of fall, my daughter and I visited a local apple farm and got donuts and cider. Yum.

Also on the same day, our butterfly emerged from its chrysalis. Our pastor's wife gave us a caterpillar and the next day it became a chrysalis, and then we waited! And this happened:

God is so amazing! To think that a lowly caterpillar could become a butterfly is mind-boggling!

The weather here has been so lovely. It has been warm in the afternoons, though there is a slight chill in the wind to remind us that fall is indeed here! This evening we spent some time as a family walking and enjoying the weather.

Hope your fall is fabulous! :-)


Tori Leslie said...

Happy Fall to you too. Those donuts look yummy.
I have a Pastor's wife friend in Michigan and she hatches butterflies too. Hmm, is yours named Donna?

Ruth said...

Beautiful butterfly and photos. We've tried "growing butterflies" with little success, so I'm in awe of yours. Happy Fall!

Tammy said...

Tori, that's fun about the pastor's wife you know...but Donna is not our pastor's wife! :)

Ruth, we happened to get the caterpillar the day before it was ready to change into its chrysalis, so we didn't have to "do" anything. I think that made a difference in our success.