Saturday, July 25, 2009

~From my Garden~

I don't have a lot of flowers this year, but I'm pleased with what I do have. My flower basket on the front porch is growing quite well. I planted geraniums along with the spiky plant (I'm sure that's not horticulturally correct, but it didn't come with an identification tag!), and vinca vine.

My echinacea plant is blooming like crazy.

I lost a few of my perennials over the winter, and I haven't gotten those replaced yet. Maybe this fall. I had high hopes of a veggie garden this year, but it just didn't get done. Maybe next year!


Melody said...

Your geraniums are beautiful! I love the planter.

My echinacea didn't come up this year. It's probably where I planted it.....seeds don't seem to want to grow there. Yours are so pretty though - thanks for posting pics!

Charity said...

I love the planter too! I have ivy with geraniums, they survived the winter indoors, but I think the ivy sort of took over. The geraniums aren't doing so great this year. Probably time to invest in some new ones next spring. :) Thanks for the little tour!

Carlene said...


Don't be down on yourself for not getting your veggie garden in this year. After my son was born I let my gardening fall by the wayside. I just did not have the time or energy to take care of it.

My son turned three last year and that's when we put in our butterfly garden and started our veggie garden again. He's now four and old enough to be out there with us and even help out some. He loves digging in the dirt and helping pick the vegetables, especially tomatoes. He's learned so much about the birds and the butterflies that visit our garden and he even enjoys the bugs and snakes that we see. It's wonderful to be able to share this with him!

Just take it slow and remember there's a time for everything. Your little girl will be out there alongside you in no time.

lauramichelle79 said...

I have an Echinecea plant called Kim's knee High, it's time to prune it because it has bloomed like crazy and I want some more bloom. Echincea is a great plant!