Friday, July 24, 2009


This month has been perfect weather for walking. Our July has been nice and cool this year!

Crocs on a walk:

And I have an adorable little walking companion. :) The Baby loves to go for walks. I purchased an Emmaljunga stroller off Craiglist. The stroller system has been perfect for neighborhood walks, but it is a little cumbersome for trying to pack in the car. So I got a cheap stroller from a yard sale to keep in the car.

This is the Emmaljunga. The bassinet and stroller seat come off the base:

(pictures from the listing on Craiglist)

Emmaljunga does not sell (or ship) their strollers in the USA. So you have to either buy them while abroad or know someone abroad who can ship them to you. This particular stroller is about 14 years old. The couple we bought it from purchased it for $300. I don't know what they would cost new now!

I do know that this stroller does something to my little vintage-loving heart. ;-) It may not always be the most practical of strollers for our American lifestyle, but it is sure cute! And it makes my walks a little more fun!


Sarah R said...

What a sweet little stroller! It looks like an old fashioned pram, doesn't it.
I know you probably won't do it, but I sure wish you'd post a picture of the baby. I'm sure she's so darling.

wayfarer said...

I just saw one of those at the thrift store for $20. Eek! I wanted to buy it but my husband gave me that look of "we already have a stroller and no extra room" so i didn't get it but i'm with sure did appeal to my vintage side.

Michelle said...

The newer version of that vintage pram is $1,300+. I have the same exact one :)