Wednesday, February 23, 2011

~Doing Dishes by the Seaside~

Doesn't this washcloth remind you of seaside colors? Such pretty greens and blues! My neighbor gave this to me. I love handmade gifts!

That was the short story. The long story is this:

I went out to an errand, leaving my napping daughter at home with my husband. The car's brakes had been behaving oddly, and as I headed out, I thought about going to a car shop to have them checked first. But I really wanted to get my errand finished first so I proceeded on. As I kept driving, and especially on the way back, I realized that that had been a mistake. The brakes kept getting worse and worse. I prayed for safety each time I had to brake, and tried to keep a good distance from the cars in front of me.

I got to the shop safely and after a very.long.wait. they told me that my master cylinder was bad. I either needed to tow the car or leave it there for them to replace. I called Kevin and we decided to have the work done. But there was a problem. I was at the shop with no way to get home. Kevin was at home with no way to come get me, since our daughter's car seat was in the car.

Thankfully our next-door neighbors were home and willing to watch our daughter. She hasn't had much interaction with them, but when we got back she was very happy. They told me that she had enjoyed unloading their groceries. And as I was thanking them for watching my daughter, the neighbor-lady pressed the dishcloth into my hands. So that is the very long story of how I got the dishcloth. ;-)

I praise the Lord for the safety He provided me as I was driving with failing brakes. There were several times when I wondered if the car was going to stop!


Anonymous said...

Scary time that God made safe for you and then had someone available to help get you home and take care of little one.

bopeep said...

Beautiful dish cloth and story...
God is So Good !!!!!!

Ruth said...

Now every time you use the dishcloth you will be reminded of God's mercies and a wonderful neighbor. :)

By the way, these dishcloths make great facecloths, too. I have a special facecloth made by a friend...I would have used it for a dishcloth but she told me it was a facecloth. Either way, but not both.

Tammy said...

Bopeep - yes, God is so good! Amen!
Ruth - "Either way, but not both" made me laugh! I did actually think of using it as a facecloth (it hasn't been used yet), so it just might find its way into the bathroom instead of the kitchen.

emerrube said...

glad you made it okay and that the brakes are fixed! and glad the kid did well with the neighbors. :)