Friday, February 25, 2011

~My New Machine and First Project~

My new new-to-me machine:

and my first project:

Butterick 4176, view B in length D.

"Pretty buttons" (my daughter's comment as she pointed them out) :-)

The buttons are vintage mother of pearl and add a sweet accent to this play dress.

On Sunday we were snowed in, and I was bored. My husband suggested a sewing project but I protested, saying that I would have to cut it out first, as I didn't have a project cut out. He said it would give me something to do anyhow, so I went with it. ;-) Then I sewed and sewed and forgot to make dinner, so he made dinner while I continued sewing. The fabric is from my mother-in-law, and I had purchased the pattern for $1.99 a few weeks back. All I had to buy was the elastic for the sleeves.

This machine is a dream to sew with. I am so happy with it!


Anonymous said...

Hi Tammy,
I've been following your blog for a long time, and I just love your sewing projects. Your daughters dress is adorable. You are so talented. Would you mind telling me how you applied the bias tape around the collar on the inside?
Do you fold the material first?
Thanks for the info.! Always wanted to know how to do that.
Happy sewing

Joyce's Ramblings said...

Tammy, Happy for you. The dress is beautiful. Your daughter is one fortunate girl. Joyce

Susan said...

Your new machine is beautiful, and so is the dress for your little girl! Love those mother of pearl buttons!

Tammy said...

Hello, Irene! Thank you for your comment. I just followed the instructions on the pattern. Some patterns have facings for the neckline and others that are intended more for playwear have this finish at the neckline. You just sew the bias tape to the seam line (right sides together), trim and clip the seam, and then fold it over, pin and topstitch in place. My bias tape was actually a little wider than the pattern called for but I was using what I had since I was snowed in. :)

Thank you, Joyce and Susan!

Melody said...

It's so cute! LOVE it!

Melissa Joy said...

Beautiful, Tammy! Just lovely!
Make one in my size? ;)

Mrs. U said...

That dress is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mrs. U

Birdie said...

What an adorable dress!

Blossom inch said...

nice Tammy, love this play blouse for your daughter. I have a sewing machine but I dont know how to sew a clothes or any blouse. All I know is making a scrapbook project!

Check me out at my blog.


Anne Marie said...

Tammy, you must be so excited about your new machine! I just got my old one back, i missed it when it was in the shop. The first thing I made was a pincushion. I believe i found your blog looking for pincushion patterns. I wanted to tell your blog is so delightful, the dress you made your daughter is very pretty.

Margee' said...

This dress is so cute! Love the fabric!
I'd like a new machine, mine was bought in 1981.