Thursday, May 24, 2012

~Sewing: Shirred Sundress~

This little dress took me 15 minutes, at most. I'm glad it only took 15 minutes, because I don't think I could have been patient with the "is it done now"s I was getting for too much longer. ;-)

I used pre-shirred fabric, and wide grosgrain ribbon for the ties.

My daughter thinks any dress is a princess dress, but this dress is doubly a princess dress with the Disney princesses along the bottom.

I have made shirred sundresses before (see here and here) but pre-shirred is definitely the way to go! So much less time-consuming!


Sue said...

Where did you get this fabric? My grandaughter loves all things princess!

Tammy said...

I got it at Jo-Ann's.

The recommendation is to buy chest measurement + 1 inch. It fits my daughter nicely. :)