Friday, January 25, 2013

~Sleeping Monkeys~

As soon as I cast off my Jaywalkers, I started another sock project (Ravelry link), Sleeping named because the colorway of the yarn is "Lullaby" and the pattern is "Monkey".

This pair is very promising. The yarn is a bit thicker, the needles are a size bigger, and the knitting is going very fast.

By fast, I mean, really, really fast (at least for me!). The photo above was taken Tuesday afternoon, and the one below just yesterday afternoon:

I've seen this pattern done up with all knit stitches and I love how fast it makes the pattern repeats. Here's a close up of the pattern:

Compared to the pattern worked as written:

I'm hoping to have a new pair of socks very soon!

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Charity said...

Oh, such pretty socks!! (These and the post below!) :) You've almost inspired me to take up my Jaywalkers again... they've been languishing in a bag for quite a while. Not sure where my knitting mojo has gone... :)