Thursday, July 04, 2013

~Clothespin Dolls~

About two years ago, I pulled down a clothespin bag that was hanging in the basement, and discovered a bag full of antique clothespins. I listed them on my Etsy shop and made quite a bit of money off something that I had just discovered in my home (too bad there isn't anything else hanging about my attic or basement!).

I saved some of the clothespins, thinking they would make a fun craft sometime.

Yesterday I pulled them out and we got some paint at Hobby Lobby so we could paint them. My daughter actually did most of the painting, though I did help her with some of the painting and I was standing right over her to help direct the paintbrush. And of course, I drew the faces on.

I'm thinking these would be fun in her church bag though she couldn't "talk" for them so I don't know if that would work or not!

I have about 10 more pegs and I'm itching to do a few myself. But then, there would be the question of what to do with them afterwards. I'm not a great fan of tshotshkes so they would probably just end up as toys too!


Anonymous said...

I haven't made those in years. I bet my girls would love it!

Ruth said...

These are cute! Does your daughter like playing with them?

I had never heard the word 'tshotshkes' so I had to look it up. Fun word! Unfortunately, I have too many tshotshkes hanging around my house. :0

Tammy said...

Thank you, Kendra. I'm sure it is something most any little girl would like to do! :)

Ruth, so far my daughter does like to play with them. :)

I confess I had to look up the spelling of "tshotshkes". It's a fun word. ;)

jen said...

I remember making these in the 70's as a kid- so fun :)
What a cool find !