Saturday, June 06, 2015

Sewing with Children (Sewing Buttons)

This is such a simple sewing project, but it was fun for my daughter! I had some really large buttons left over from the shrug I made last year. I put some fabric in a hoop, and taught my daughter to sew buttons.

She was eager for me to leave her to her own designs (ie, do things her way ;-) ), and happily sewed for at least a half hour, if not longer. She picked out different colors of thread and I helped her by threading the needle and tying knots, but otherwise this was something that she did entirely on her own.

These buttons were perfect for little fingers! They are over an inch wide, and the holes are nice and large, making it very easy to find the button holes from the bottom of the fabric. This is something I did when I was little. I'm sure that my daughter would enjoy digging through my button collection to add more buttons to her fabric!


Sara said...

What a great idea! I know adults who can't do this!

Melissa Joy said...

I am totally going to incorporate this into some kind of homeschooling project. I know my mom has some buttons exactly like that in a big stash. And I have a few hoops that would be perfect. THanks for sharing a simple and brilliant idea!

Tammy said...

Sewing buttons is something everyone should know how to do! It's a great life-skill. :-)

Mrs. U said...

WONDERFUL idea!!! Any chance you have a youtube video of you explaining this??? For that matter, have you ever considered doing videos and teaching those of us who aren't so gifted? :)

Mrs. U