Wednesday, June 30, 2010

~Chemical Fragrances~

I was really encouraged when I read this blog article: What's that Smell? Report--Chemical Fragrances in Cleaners Dangerous to Families.

It's a pretty discouraging article, so why was I encouraged?

:::I have been using scent-free, dye free laundry detergent for about three years (or more). I have one and half bottles left to use, and then I plan on making this detergent.
:::I haven't used aerosol air freshener since I bought a natural air deodorizer over two years ago. (In fact, I'm still using the same bottle! It will need to be replaced soon though.)
:::I have always used a limited number of cleaners, and most of those don't have strong fragrances.
:::But now that I'm making my own cleaners, I don't have to worry about chemical fragrances in cleaners at all! (Window Cleaner, Disinfectant and All-Purpose Cleaner Recipes).
:::I do not use plug-in air fresheners.

Now, the one thing I don't know is how safe scented candles are. I love Yankee Candles and used to burn them quite often. Because of my daughter's mobility I don't burn them very often any more. I haven't run across any research on candle-burning yet. If you have a link with information, I'd love it if you'd share!

The only product I need to do away with is scented laundry softener. In the winter it is necessary to use laundry softener or else the clothes have horrible static cling! I have fallen in love with the beautifully scented laundry softeners available, so I need to give those up! At the very least there is non-scented laundry softener available, and it does the job just fine!

There are a few more things that I'm working on finding recipes for and replacing in my home. But the things mentioned above are the areas of greatest concern.


Susan Godfrey said...


I also don't use chemical scents, but like to have nice smelling laundry. So I use just a few drops of essential oil to get that. I use vinegar as a rinse aid/softener and just a few drops mixed with that helps alot. Also you can put a few drops on an old dish rag and run it through your dryer to get a nice scent. I use only natural/organic essential oils with no synthetic scent.


Tammy said...

That's a great idea, Susan! Thank you!