Thursday, July 01, 2010

~Storing Children's Clothes~

I wanted to share how I store my daughter's clothes. We are hoping to have another child, so for now I'm keeping all the clothes.

As my daughter outgrew her clothes, I would put them in bags and boxes and trundle them down to the basement. They were here, or there, or tossed over there. I'd lay in bed and fret about it, because I like to lay in bed and fret about odd things like that.

One day I was at Wal-mart and I saw their plastic totes for $3.44 each, or something like that. I bought five. I recently had to buy two more and they were $5.40 each. The price is worth it so I could stop obsessing over it when I was supposed to be sleeping. ;-)

These are the sizes I have:
Newborn/0-3 months
3 months/3-6 months
6 months/6-9 months
9 months/9-12 months
12 months/12-18 months
18 months/18-24 months
24 months/2T

The last two bin sizes are clothes that my daughter is too small for. Now, as my daughter outgrows her clothes I can take them down to the basement and stick them into the appropriate tote. It's also easier to keep clothes this way for when she grows into them.

When I was growing up, somewhere along the way my dad obtained some large plastic barrels that originally had pickled peppers in them, and that's what we stored our out-of-season clothes in. Our clothes all smelled like pickled peppers when we got them out each season. In fact, I still have an article of clothing that got stored with some clothes that had been stored in those barrels and when I pull it out I can still smell those peppers! It was never even in the barrel! We later switched to some cardboard drum containers and those worked much better (and our clothing smelled much better too!).

How do you store clothing?


Mrs. Reverend Doctor said...

I store mine very similar, I also buy most clothes sizes ahead at yard sales so I try to keep track of what I have/need. However, I don't store them in my basement because of dampness.

Open Roads Mama said...

I store BB's clothes in big diaper boxes, sealed and labeled just as yours :) As he gets older and # of boxes grows, it definitely makes me think about going through them and eliminating half of all that stuff I kept. But then again, everything will come super handy when we have a 2nd baby, like you said :)

Tammy said...

I'm able to store ours in the basement since our basement isn't damp. We have a small dehumidifier that we run as needed, but otherwise we're blessed to have a relatively dry basement.