Thursday, July 15, 2010

~I Made it!~

I decided to participate in this Thursday's "I Made it" blog party! Click on over to Everything Etsy to see other participants!

A friend saw my ruffle totes that I have in my Etsy shop and asked for me to make one for her niece. She wanted purple gingham and a princessy fabric for the ruffles. I went off to the fabric store and quickly found the gingham but had a harder time finding the princessy fabric to coordinate! And then I found some "Fancy Nancy" fabric and it matched perfectly. I don't know who Fancy Nancy is, but she sure is cute! And I think my friend's 5-year old niece will like the sentiment on the fabric: "A princess is supposed to keep her tiara on".

I enjoy custom orders!


AliLilly said...

Adorable!! I love making custom pieces as well. Thanks for stopping by today. I posted a in-depth earring tutorial today. It's about romantic vampires and earring making LOL!!

Susan said...

So cute, Tammy! I don't know who Fancy Nancy is either, but she definitely worked for this project.

Jesson And Rey Ann said...

so cute so beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Fancy Nancy is cute! I think this is great for your friend's niece. Your Etsy shop is wonderful! Very nice!

Kristi said...

Very cute and very creative!