Saturday, July 10, 2010

~With apologies to Starbucks...~

I have discovered a way to make my own frappuccinos. And they taste so fabulous, I don't know that I ever need to buy another one again!

My friend Lisa developed the recipe, and I've been playing with it ever since!

The secret is freezing milk in ice cube trays. My blender does not handle ice cubes very well (it sounds like it is ready to keel over and die when I try ice cubes in it!), but it makes short work of blending the coffee and frozen milk. Perfectly.

For flavoring, I've used blueberry syrup and my own chocolate syrup. For the one in the picture, I used chocolate syrup with pure peppermint extract. Very yummy! You can also use coffee syrups (Lisa recommends Flavorganics).

A huge problem for me is that I can't make these while my daughter is taking a nap. Too noisy. So I have to make them while she's awake. She hovers at my feet the whole time I'm making them, and gets super excited when I pour it into a glass. And then she gets super disappointed when she doesn't get any. And I know she likes coffee because I've given her a sip to show her how gross it is and to my surprise she wanted more! Not that I want her having coffee, or anything. I was doing it to prove a point and she proved me wrong. LOL Lisa told me that a stick blender is quiet enough for nap-time so I just might have to invest in one!

For my blend this morning I used:
1/2 cup chilled coffee
8 milk cubes
chocolate syrup with peppermint extract

Blend till milk cubes are thoroughly blended. Pour into a glass and enjoy!

I think next time I might try 3/4 cup coffee to 8 milk cubes, or 1/2 cup coffee to 6 milk cubes.

For the chocolate syrup, I mixed 1/4 cup cocoa powder, 1/4 cup sugar, a little drizzle of oil (this helps everything stay all mixed up), 1/2 tsp. peppermint extract, and just enough milk to make everything mix together well. Heat until sugar has dissolved and store in fridge.

The above frapp recipe is one serving, and I used about half the chocolate syrup I made. So that means more yumminess for tomorrow! :D


Susan said...

That looks really good! I think I'll give it a try. I love the ones from Starbucks, but even the 'light' ones contain some added sugar, so I can't have them very often.

Melissa said...

That is really similar to the homemade frappucinos I like to make (the only differences are I use stevia powder instead of sugar and vanilla extract instead of peppermint). I made one for my husband today for the first time this summer, and he said, "This is so good on so many levels!"

It's funny about your daughter liking coffee. My 2-year old girl seems to like it, too. My mom came over to our house the other day and was talking to me while holding her Starbucks latte out in front of her, not realizing that my daughter was busily sipping away at her latte through the little straw! The next day, my husband told my daughter that Grandma was on her way over, but she was going to stop and get some coffee first, and my daughter said, "For me, too!"

Tammy said...

Susan, the link that I posted with the Flavorganics syrups might help you. Lisa told me they have much less sugar than normal syrups. I would like to try them out soon!

Melissa, that's a good idea to use Stevia. I have a hard time sweetening anything but tea with Stevia because it is hard to know how much to use. That is funny about your daughter liking coffee too!

Emily said...

I am salivating just reading this post. I can't wait to try it out! (And I hear you about the awake-time-only-blender issue. Very frustrating!)

Amy said...

Oh, I love the idea of freezing the milk in cubes. I have always just frozen the coffee. I will have to try that!! So glad you like the blueberry syrup too- thank you so much for linking to it!!

Emily said...

I just had the chance to try this out a few days ago and I'm STILL thinking about how good it was! Thanks so much for sharing the recipe!