Wednesday, March 09, 2011

~Black Bean Dip~

Breakfast was too skimpy this morning, and my stomach was growling! I needed something else to eat before lunch. So I made this:

It's a dark, rainy day here, so excuse the poor photo quality.

Black Bean Dip
1 can beans
salsa to taste
shredded cheese

Pre-heat broiler to high. Heat beans on stove top. Drain. Pour into a oven-safe dish, top with desired amount of salsa, and sprinkle cheese on top. Heat under broiler till cheese is melted and bubbly.

Enjoy with corn chips!

The high protein of the beans will help keep me full till lunch, and will give my daughter more energy to run and play! :-)

I need some more ideas like this! Especially since I have a toddler who needs to eat every few hours! My mind goes blank and she ends up eating the same thing every day. It's nice to mix things up a bit! Do you have any ideas for quick, healthy snacks? Please share!


Julie said...

Hi Tammy,
Have been reading your blog for ages, but have never commented before!
Do you like flapjack? Although its got sugar and syrup in, all those lovely oats make it fairly healthy(!) and filling and you can add dried fruits such as raisins and apricots too,
or a little desiccated coconut or nuts if you don't have any allergies.
Just my thoughts from over here in the UK!

Tammy said...

Hi Julie! Thank you for your comment!

When I think of flapjacks, I think of pancakes, but I know that's not what you're talking about. I had to look it up to see what it was! :-) It sure sounds yummy!

Emily said...

You're welcome Tammy!
I hadn't realised that "flapjack" could mean such different things!
Certainly give them a go when you have time, very delicious, and one batch really doesn't last long in our family!

Julie said...

Eek! have left the comment via my daughter's account!
Sorry, it is Julie commenting!