Saturday, March 12, 2011

~Upcycled Bibs~

I've been in a mood to purge, purge, purge! So when my daughter pulled some Christmas hand towels out of my linen storage cabinet, I realized that I never use them, not even when I have company at Christmas! I was going to put them aside with the donation/yard sale pile, but then I took a closer look at them.

I have been wanting to make my daughter some towel-backed bibs since Sew, Mama, Sew! posted this this tutorial by Rae. I even looked through my dish towel drawer to see if I had any suitable towels, but I didn't. These two towels turned out to be the perfect size. I was able to cut the bib out without having any of the Christmas design on the bib. I used fabric I already had for the fronts.

So this afternoon, I drafted my pattern, and sewed away! I always get in the mood to sew when it is overcast outside, and then of course I want to blog about my finished project right away, so my pictures always end up a little on the dark side.

Teddy Bear Picnic and Breakfast with Polka-dots:

I used my snap press to install the snaps:

I'd like to make a few more to have on hand. I have some plastic bibs that wash up really well, but I always seem to be out of clean bibs when it is time to eat! Plus the back side of these can be used to wipe sticky fingers before we hop down from the table!


Susan said...

These are so cute! When my kids were babies, my grandmother made me several bibs out of large washcloths. I used those the most, because you just wet them and you have an instant washcloth - no digging around for something to wipe faces and hands. Enjoy using your new bibs!

Charity said...

Very cute!! I love terry-backed bibs! And I love the thought of using it for a washcloth when you're done! :)