Thursday, September 06, 2012

~Sweet Potatoes~

One of the things we grew in our garden this year was a row of sweet potatoes. I wasn't quite sure how they grew, and I've been mightily curious all summer long! I've left them alone till now. One of them started peeking above the soil, so I gave a little yank and:

I discovered how they grow!

The vines are so pretty (especially earlier in the season: one of the signs that the sweet potatoes are ready is that the vines start to die back).

I seriously wouldn't mind having these in my flower beds around the house, they look so much like ivy. The pesky varmints continuously digging tunnels through my flower beds would no doubt love I guess I'll be kept to growing them at the garden!


emerrube said...

looks funny. :) do you pull it apart?

Julie said...

In the UK, we have village Produce Shows, usually in September, where gardeners, bakers, crafters etc. enter contests for the best fruit, veg, cakes etc. There's usually a class for the Strangest Shaped Vegetable! I think you have a winner here, tammy!

Tammy said...

Rebecca, yes, it comes apart. Mostly it just pulled apart, there were a few spots where I had to cut it.

Julie, those produce shows sound interesting. :)