Friday, October 06, 2006

~In love with my socks~


I finished my Jaywalker Socks last May, and except for trying them on a few times, and admiring them, I hadn't worn them up until just recently.

Now that the weather is cooler, I have started wearing them. First though, I had to buy shoes so that I could wear them. I changed my outfit on Wednesday, so that I could wear my socks to church in the evening. I was talking to a friend, showing her my socks, and new shoes, and her husband asked me, "What, you didn't buy a new outfit?" It wasn't necessary, for this pair of socks anyhow.

I love wearing my socks! I have a ball of yarn that I want to knit another pair of socks for myself with. The funny thing is, I'm not sure if I have anything to wear with them. So I may just have to buy an outfit for my socks.

Yes, when you knit your own socks, you can buy a whole outfit to go with them. There's a rule for that. Somewhere, I'm sure!


Heather said...

I completely undersand your fascination with your handknitted socks because I am the same way. For the past week I have worn handknitted socks nearly every day. I will actually pick the socks first and then say, "What outfit could I put together to match these socks?" Today I picked out something to wear, then realized I did not have hand knitted socks to match it and picked another outfit. I have not yet bought an outfit to match socks, but I did pick out some sock yarn to match some sweater yarn that I already had.

Good luck on your next pair of socks...and do not forget to post pics so I can admire them!

Anonymous said...

Hi Tammy, Thank you for adding me to you blog links. You did a great job on you jaywalker socks.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for adding our blog on your links. Your socks look great!
3 sisters

cherylharrell said...

Those are nice socks! I'd love to learn how to knit & knit socks. The only place that carry them to fit my fat legs lol are the ladies large size shops. What kind of thread would work best for knitting socks? Just wondering in case I can figure out online how to do it. I am still struggling with my crocheting. I start stuff & still don't have it finshed yet lol.

Shari said...

you crack me up! LOL! i love it.
i'm wearing a pair of those really fuzzy footie socks that are so popular lately. (sadly, i didn't make them.) they have eeyore on them, AND they're hot pink.

annecourager said...

You're going to have to show me how to knit in a circle when you come out here. I want to try to make socks! But first I have to finish this baby blanket for my friend. "Flying Geese" is what the pattern is called. All I have to know is knit and purl! (and be able to count. pft.)

Don't forget, you have to come over for dinner. Or lunch. I know your time here will be brief!