Thursday, February 07, 2013

~Felt + Glue Gun = Flowers~

I own a glue gun, but it is one of those low-heat ones, so while the glue won't burn you, neither will it stick to much of anything. It's pretty pointless. So needless to say I don't do much "crafting".

At my last MOPS meeting, the craft was flowers. I have made a few flowers out of organza, but not felt. There were three types of flowers demonstrated, and I tried all three, plus a variation on one of them. Fun times!

I have decided a proper glue gun is necessary. Crafting is fun! Especially if you don't burn your fingers....several at my table were passing an ice cube around but thankfully I kept my fingers away from the molten lava. ;-)

I didn't realize till I had glued the last hair clip on, but there were pins at each table too. I would have put a pin on the purple flower so that I could wear it. But it has a hair clip on it and my daughter has happily claimed all four. :-)


Charity said...

Very cute! I love making felt flowers... and lots of other flowers! :)

Tammy said...

I can see that it could become very addicting. :)

Susan said...

So pretty! I've seen lots of cute ones, but never tried to make any.

Melissa Joy said...

I love those ~ nicely done! What fun little gifts they'd be for all the sweet little girls I know. :) I might have to search for a felt flower tutorial!

C.Jay said...

These are so adorable!!! I love the pink rose! :)