Friday, February 08, 2013

~Steam Mop~

A steam mop is something that I have wanted for a long time. We only have two carpeted rooms in our house, so the thought of using a steam mop rather than a mop and bucket really appealed to me. I decided to use my Christmas money on a steam mop. I looked at the reviews on Amazon, and the one that stood out as the best for my money was the Eureka Enviro steam mop:

When I got it, I was so excited to use it. It cleaned my wood floors so well! I moved on to my kitchen, ignoring the all caps warning: NOT FOR USE ON VINYL STICK-ON TILES. Bah, what was it going to do? I figured I wouldn't keep the mop in one place for long, just in case. While I was mopping, I needed to change the outlet where it was plugged in. I forgot to put the mop on the little tray it comes with. Five minutes after I had finished mopping, I walked through the kitchen and saw a tile peeling off the floor. Great...I guess the warning was for good reason! What were the previous owners thinking when they used those silly tiles anyhow???

Overall, I'm very happy with this mop. The steam works to get stuck-on food and stickers off the floor very well (the random princess stickers, you know...not that I have stickers plastered all over my floor or anything, but occasionally I'll have a rogue princess get stuck to my floor). I love the fact that it cleans with just water, no chemicals or cleaners. Because of the size it doesn't get in tight corners very well, and it doesn't clean the best right by the baseboard (but I suppose that would be true of any mop). It doesn't fit under cupboards, which isn't really an issue for me seeing that I'm not supposed to use it on my kitchen flooring anyhow! LOL My floors feel so much cleaner now!

Please note: links above are my Amazon referral links. I purchased this item with my own money.


Ashley W said...

Ha! That sounds like something I would do :-) I really like the sound of that mop. With only two carpeted rooms in our house I do more mopping that vacuuming. I despise mopping and having to lug up a bucket and carry it around. Alas I just bought this terrible mop that you can't even wring out so now I detest it more than I did before. I may have to save up some money and get one like this!

Tammy said...

Yes, I can't stand lugging a mop bucket. Apparently I still get to use it in my kitchen though!

This one was $10 less when I bought it. The prices fluctuate a lot on Amazon!