Saturday, February 09, 2013

~Hair Bling~

Quite a while back, I asked a "what would you do" type of question on my blog. Gray hair coming in, what should I do??? Well, two years of not pulling my gray hairs nor coloring has given me what I call "hair bling". At this point, I'm honestly not that gray white. It doesn't really show up on pictures otherwise I'd show you. ;-) But I do have quite a few sparkly hairs. They're the length of my hair cut, and multiplying rapidly.

I decided to just let my hair be natural, at least for now. However, I do reserve the right to color my hair if I so wish. ;-) The grays really don't bother me at the moment!

I was talking with my mom a while back and she told me a story of her mom, and how when my mom was a teenager, my grandma ruined an outfit with semi-permanent hair dye because it all rubbed off on her collar. After that, my grandma decided to just let her hair be. I always loved my grandma's hair, especially when she was older. It was so white and pretty! I think, knowing what a beautiful person my grandma was (inside and out), and knowing that she was confident enough to not dye her hair, has helped me make the decision to not dye.

I found this interesting blog post: The History of Hair Color. Looks like women have been dying their hair for thousands and thousands of years. But that doesn't mean I have to. :D


Charity said...

"Hair bling!" I like it!!! I've been sporting more and more of it... I'm starting to come to terms. I used to pull them out, but the only one I've plucked recently is the one standing straight up in my part line! :)

Ashley W said...

Haha, that's a great term, Hair Bling! Will's mom has the most beautiful hair, it's pure white and I just love it. But I know it's been white for a long time and she went through a stage of dying her hair. Apparently that runs in their family (Will already has quite a bit of white hair above his ears and he's only 27). If it makes a difference I didn't notice when we were talking today :-)

Anonymous said...

I haven't seen too many gray hair on my head. I'm still debating myself about what to do when I get too many. some people do look really nice with gray hair. some...don't. :) so we'll see. I think it's a good thought to let it go gray and just accept that it's going to happen.

Tammy said...

Ashley, I bet you'll look closer next time we talk. LOL I agree, your mother-in-law's hair is beautiful.

Rebecca, I agree - sometimes the transition from not gray to gray isn't very smooth. I still reserve the right to color if that's the case with me. Hehe.

Sarah said...

I remember laughing with you in the nursery about a year ago when you called it that! ;)

Tammy said...

That's right, Sarah! I forgot about that. :)