Wednesday, May 01, 2013


This year we decided to have our garden here at our house. The drought last summer (but mostly the decision to not water!) killed off most of our grass anyhow! Plus having our garden in our yard will be way more convenient!

Our garden so far:

I must say that my husband has done about 99.9% of the work so far. I planted a 3-foot row of radishes and a 1 1/2 foot row of peas the other night.

Kevin also read up on how to start seeds, and has started almost all the plants we will be planting this summer:

They're doing pretty well! The trick is to have florescent lights hanging over the plants, and have the bulbs almost touching the plants. The bulbs aren't hot, and if the light is right there, the plants won't bolt and get too big before planting season. This project is one which my daughter got involved in. She got to plant almost all the seeds! She enjoyed the treks down to the basement to "check on the plants".

While I am not too involved at this point of the process, I most assuredly will be involved with the picking and canning part!

We will be growing quite a bit this year!
peas (sugar)
cucumber (pickling and salad)
beans (wax and green)
tomatoes (three varieties for canning plus a cherry variety)
assorted herbs

and I'm probably leaving some things out! We have grand plans this year! :)


The Queen of Brussels Sprouts said...

Looks like it will be wonderful!

healthy life said...

Great Blog !!

Ruth said...

Your husband would get along with mine. Mark did the same thing with the seed started plants and the fluorescent lights and taking over part of the yard for his garden. :)

I hope your garden does well.

emerrube said...

great use of your yard! :)

Deb said...

Looking great, Tammy! Your daughter will enjoy getting to participate in growing fun stuff! We had garden asparagus for supper tonight that we planted 3 years ago (it takes that long to harvest, and we just harvested 8 stalks!!!), and it was absolutely delicious!!!

Tammy said...

Thanks! It's so much work though...hopefully next year will be a little easier!

Deb, asparagus sounds awesome! I remember my grandpa growing asparagus and as a kid I didn't appreciate the flavor and didn't appreciate how long it took till one could harvest and so I did not understand my grandpa's excitement over the asparagus. :)