Saturday, May 04, 2013

~Mango Ginger Jam~

I came across this preserves recipe and instantly wanted to try it out! Thankfully, ataulfo mangoes went on sale shortly after I found the recipe, so I was able to give it a go.

Since I wasn't canning it, I didn't follow the recipe exactly. I didn't let it sit overnight with the lime rinds, so even though it has lime juice in it, the finished product doesn't have much of a lime flavor. But that's ok - I like it the way it is! I ended up with a pint, since my six mangoes yielded only 2 cups of cut fruit.

When I first tried it, I wasn't sure if I even liked it! Then one morning I put spooned it into some! I was hooked! It reminded me of the ginger yogurt I used to get at one of our favorite Indian restaurants in California (though that yogurt didn't have fruit in it).

Since I didn't can it, I guess this doesn't count as the kick-off to my 2013 season for canning, eh? I'm looking forward to cherries which should be in season relatively soon. I have a few cherry recipes to try this year!


The Queen of Brussels Sprouts said...

You make it, I'll eat it. I can't touch mangoes, but I can eat them.

Tammy said...

Wow, that's interesting that you can't touch them but you can still eat them.