Thursday, May 16, 2013

~Pick a Pin: Wheat Tortillas~

I recently decided that I need to start utilizing my Pinterest boards a little more. I have actually made a lot of the recipes I've pinned, but I want to get to the sewing and crafting pins too! So I'm going to go through and pick some of my pins, and feature them here.

First up: wheat tortillas. The recipe is here. I was looking for something for lunch and decided on these. They were really good! And easy. Time-consuming, perhaps...but the taste is so much better than purchased tortillas, and there are not 32 ingredients in them. Just four.

This is where my picture should go:

But alas, after I ate lunch, and did a few things outside, I came back to photograph the remaining tortillas, they were gone. My husband enjoyed them too. ;-)

I filled them with beans which I had made previously, salsa I canned last year, and some shredded cheese. It was quite gratifying to know that I had made everything except for the cheese. I don't think I'll be making cheddar cheese any time soon! But I will be making these tortillas again!

Stay tuned for more Pinterest projects! I'm looking forward to some crafting, sewing, and cooking!