Tuesday, June 09, 2009


Are you familiar with the old children's song that goes something like this...

Shaking mats and scrubbing floors
In the house and out of doors.
Washing, ironing, darning too,
These are things that girls can do,

I'll do it all for Jesus,
I'll do it all for Jesus!
I'll do it all for Jesus,
He did so much for me.

Boys can be as handy too,
With the hammer, wrench, and screw.
Shoveling coal and chopping wood,
They can do it if they would.


Yes, I know. So sexist. Whatever...

I loved singing that song as a child. And when we got to the boys, we girls put extra emphasis on IF THEY WOULD. LOL

Anyhow, today I'm shaking mats and scrubbing floors, washing, ironing, but not darning. It feels good to get things really clean!

What are your favorite cleaners for your floors? I use PineSol for my kitchen and bathroom floors and Murphy's Oil Soap for the wood floors in my living room and dining room.

Image found here. Incidentally, you can purchase this set if you want to. *Smiles*


Jennifer said...

Hey Tammy! I'm doing cleaning too today.

Mrs. U said...

I've never heard this song!! Do you happen to know if the tune is online anywhere? I'd love to learn it!

Mrs. U

Arlene said...

Yes, I second Mrs. U's question -- I'll have to do some searching to see if there is a midi file or something online. I'd love to learn the tune and teach it to my son :o) (yeah, I'm s*xist, too, LOL)

Barbara said...

When cleaning the bathroom, I like to use alcohol on my counters, fixtures, and have even done the floor with it. It's inexpensive and really makes your faucets shine. For those those who use hairspray, it also takes that residue off your counters. I buy a large bottle at Wal-Mart and pour it into a spray bottle. It works great!

Deborah Allen said...

We sang this song when we were young and we, especially, loved to emphasize " if they would" like you did. 😍

Tammy said...

Deborah - too funny!

Deborah Allen said...

Here is the tune in letter form: Begin in Middle C area. { I hope this helps}

E G C. E E. D. D

D. F. B.(below middle C) D. D. C. C

E. G. C. E. E. D. D.

D F. B. (Below middle C) D. D. C. C.

C. E. E. D. C. B. (Below middle C) D

D. F. F. E D. C. E

E. G. G High C High B--B. A

A. G. G. F. D. C

Deborah Allen said...

My daughter just pointed out that this is the same tune (or almost identical to, depending on how you sing it) of "The Devil Is A Sly Old Fox." I never realized that before. So, if you know that song, then you can sing this one to that tune.