Thursday, June 11, 2009

~I'll Do it All for Jesus~

I had several questions about the song in my post below. I searched online, but I could not find even the lyrics. I have it on a record from Children's Bible Hour. It appears that CBH Ministries have compiled their old records onto CD's, and "I'll Do it All for Jesus" can be found in Songtime, volume 2. I love the older music from Children's Bible Hour. It is very bouncy and cheerful. I have had the record for several years now, and sometimes I would put it on when I did my housework. *Smiles* The CD's are only $10 each and I plan on getting them so that The Baby has some good music to listen to!


Amy ~ (Life's Small Treasures) said...

OH I LOVE Uncle Charlie~I grew up listening to the Children's Bible Hour every week, and I even went to see them live her in Grand Rapids Michigan.

I had forgotten all about it~

Thanks for posting this link I will have to check it out for my kids :D


Tammy said...

Amy, I got to meet Uncle Charlie a few years ago! It was so fun to meet him. He still has his deep, booming voice! My sisters and I listened to him on the radio every single Saturday when we were little!