Thursday, June 04, 2009

~Sharing Recipes~

I love recipes that come to me by way of friends! There is something so connecting in making a recipe that a friend has given to me. I feel close to that friend when I make her recipe. Do you feel that way? I enjoy using recipes posted on blogs too, it makes me feel just a little closer to my blogging friend, like I know them just a little better by making their recipe.

The curious thing about recipes is how differently they will turn out when someone else makes them. When my sisters and brother were here last Thanksgiving, my sister made my soup recipe for dinner one night. She used all my spices and ingredients, my stove, and didn't deviate from the recipe. And yet, it tasted different! Isn't that funny how that works?


Charity said...

Personally, food usually tastes better when someone else makes it! :) Speaking of recipes, I think of you when I make Everday Cassolet... it has become one of our favorites!

My open roads said...

I love using recipes I find on blogs - especially if they have pictures of the final product, that's usually the best motivator :)

Susan said...

I've always thought that was amazing too. I don't know how many recipes I've given, only to have the recipient say that it didn't taste the same as what she'd eaten at my house! It's funny!

Tammy said...

Charity - I should make that dish sometime soon! It is good. Although, it seems more like a winter dish than a summer dish, so maybe not. LOL

My Open Roads, I will keep that in mind when I post recipes!

Susan, I'm still tinkering with a potato recipe from my grandma, trying to get it to taste more like her dish!

Anonymous said...

depends on the type of food you get I think. each different type of onion has a different taste, etc. each product/brand tastes different as well. at least to me. :)