Friday, May 30, 2008


The other day I swung through the drive-through of McDonald's, because it was nearly 2 p.m., and of course I was starving. I paid, then pulled up to the second window to get my hamburger. A little old granny was working at the window. When I say little and old, I do mean little and old.

I don't know what her life's circumstances are that require her to work at McDonald's in her twilight years, but whatever they are, she's meeting the challenge with cheerfulness! My goodness, that dear lady just made my day! She was so cute, just smiling away, barely able to reach across the window opening to give me my burger! She told me to "come again soon" and if I knew her hours, I just might go again!

When I'm old I do hope I'm as cheerful as she is. I guess I'd better get to working on it now, eh?

Proverbs 17:22: A merry heart doeth good like a medicine: but a broken spirit drieth the bones.

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Anonymous said...

you know, that is great! So many little old ladies are cranky. I need to work on it myself.

oh, but this all reminds me. when I was working at the bank in Seattle we used to get this little old german lady coming in. her first name was Brunhilde. she even had a great huge wart on her nose. and she was bent over really badly. she looked like a witch that you see in pictures. but I can tell you she was the nicest person!

Susan said...

What a nice, sweet change from the messy, snarly teens they usually have!

My former pastor's wife, while not incredibly old, has gotten a job as a cashier at Wal Mart, and you would think she had struck a gold mine. She is naturally outgoing, so this is the perfect job for her. She loves it!

And yes, I need to work on that sweet attitude so I won't be sour when I'm old! ;)

Barbara said...

Could the little old lady be working for the social interaction with others?? Maybe working gives her a purpose and keeps her from being lonely and sedentary?? Seniors have a better work ethic and attitude than teenagers, so McDonald's should be proud to have her!