Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Quite possibly the world's best tea:


a favorite standby:

and a new-to-me tea:


My morning ritual includes a steaming cup of tea, perhaps two if I'm in the mood. With just a little Stevia, and maybe some cream, each of these teas are a good way to start my day!


Daughter of the King said...

Thanks for the recommends Tammy...I have been looking for the Lady Grey in decaf, everywhere here in Washington, but now see I can get it on line..wooohoo.

Susan said...

I've never seen the chocolate hazelnut tea before - I bet it's good with some cream. I like Lady Grey, and Wes likes Earl Grey. Have you ever tried Irish Breakfast tea? It's a nice mild tea, good with some sweetener and cream. I'm not a huge fan of hot tea, but the Lady Grey is one that I do like.

Melody said...

Stash has some really good vanilla chai - oh YUM! That's my favorite. Their apple cinnamon herbal tea is fantastic too - but I've had a hard time finding it other than right from the company.

What does the Lady Grey taste like? Is it similar to the Earl Grey?

Tammy said...

Deby! Glad to help! :-)

Susan, I saw the Irish Breakfast tea when I was buying the Lady Grey, and I thought about trying it. I'll have to remember it next time I'm out shopping.

Melody, I love chai too! :-) Lady Grey is similar to Earl Grey, but it has more citrus flavors.

cabcree said...

I should try more tea. =) I get stuck. I end up drinking a lot of peppermint or my favorite rooibos tea from Trader Joe's. the chocolate hazelnut one sounds interesting...

Mrs. U said...

The chocolate hazelnut sounds super good!! I may need to add this to my tea collection!!

Mrs. U

Mrs. H. said...

The Irish Breakfast tea is my favorite. It is strong and robust, so if you're looking for a tea to replace a morning cup of coffee, the Irish Breakfast tea will do it! I actually love all of Twinings' teas, but my sil is addicted to Stash, and will buy nothing else.

O. said...

chocolate hazelnut? never ever heard of it, but now... I've gotta start searching the store shelves!