Monday, May 26, 2008

~Riding the Wave~

Petunia Waves, that is. Or, more correctly, Wave Petunias.

Last summer, I grew Wave Petunias in my side flower bed. They grew so well! I was so impressed with them. Not only are they easy to care for, they spread like crazy, and fill in the area in which they're planted.

Today we planted red Wave Petunias across the front of the house, and partially down the side. I am very much looking forward to the pop of color these will provide!

We have also begun a war with the voles which are occupying our yard. Down with the voles!!! These little rodents have wreaked havoc in our flower beds and lawn! Just a little mouse poison down their holes, and I hope that will be enough! Oh, these pesky creatures just make our lawn look awful! And last summer, they attacked my impatiens, slowly killing off sections of plants. I thought I had lost my greenish thumb!

The lady at the nursery told us that we needed to get rid of them because they are rodents and multiply very fast. So, so sorry to be killing anything! But it is bye, bye voles! No more tasty tulip bulbs for you!!! No more roots either! Just eat the pretty green poison please!


Honest to Ya~Ya said...

I don't know if the petunia's I planted are the wave or not, but they are doing great. I don't have rodents are somewhat bigger and known as groundhogs...4 babes live in my next door neighbors old shack of an outbuilding. I threaten them every time I see them but they just run away and come back later...I don't guess I'm scary enough...LOL!

I hope you are enjoying this Memorial Day!☺

Tori said...

Hey I think i have those little critters. I thought they were field mice but maybe not. Do you have little holes everywhere? Hmm, mouse poison, never thought of that, oh wait I did think of it and then remembered that I have a dog, not so good for doggies!

The Petunias are pretty!

Joyce's Ramblings said...

We are having frost warnings again tonight so no flowers are being planted. My tulips are still going strong so I just cover my tomato plants. I have too many cats running around this neighborhood to use poison.