Saturday, May 24, 2008


From around the web, free stationery to print:

Susan Branch (Stationery pictured at left is from this link.)
Multimedia Design by Sandy - She has a lot of different designs to print!
If you like music, it would be cute to print out music sheets and write your letter on them!
Hallmark has some nice templates
Graphic Garden Stationery and Note paper

Now what to do with all this stationery? Write someone a letter, of course! You can either print out the stationery and hand write your letter (some of these sites have the option of printing with lines or without lines), or you can print the stationery and then run it through the printer again with your typed letter. Send someone a surprise through the mail! Tuck a note into your husband's lunch. Write a letter to a many possibilities! you want to know how to differentiate "stationery" and "stationary"? The stuff you write on has an "e" at the end...for "envelope"...because that's what you put stationery in! *Smiles*


Kim said...

The Multimedia Design By Sandy is so amazing - there are SO many choices! I am going to have to start writing a LOT of letters!

Honest to Ya~Ya said...

I can't wait to save these links in my favorites...anything is better than plain ol' your little memory hint! ;)

PS...I found some nice skirts of KMart...I got one for a whole buck fifty!! No joke it was marked $16.95 but rung up for $1.50...whoohoo!! God is good!