Saturday, March 30, 2013

~Spring Fabric~

I have had this pile of yummy spring fabric sitting on my sewing table for a few weeks now! I am so anxious to sew!

The bottom fabric is a piece from IKEA. It has Huge Flowers all over it. My friend that I was with talked me into getting it since I was on the fence about it. I got it with the tentative plans to make a skirt for myself. I warned her that I would blame her if I look ridiculous. ;-)

The other fabrics are for my daughter, to be turned into three spring dresses. The white fabric on top is actually two king size pillowcases. I plan on making a nightie for my daughter out of one of them, and dip dying it with an ombre effect.

As I mentioned in my previous post, I was sick for about two weeks. I'd be clutching my coffee or tea, my ear throbbing in pain, and stare at that fabric wishing I could sew. Does that paint a pathetic enough picture? Haha...I was really sick! I am so glad to be well now! Now that I'm caught up on housework, I feel like I finally have the green light to sew! After taking the above picture, I cut an apron dress out of the pink plaid fabric.

Friday, March 29, 2013

~Pinterest Fail~

Have you seen the pin that links to cleaning vinegar? You take the peel from four oranges and put it in a Mason jar (what else, it's Pinterest, right? LOL) and cover the rinds with white vinegar. Two weeks later you have "awesome cleaning vinegar".

I tried it, and failed.

I can't blame Pinterest, really. I stuck the rinds in there and forgot about them, for longer than 2 weeks, I'm sure! Then my daughter was sick for about a week, then I was sick for two weeks, and...the vinegar got quite scuzzy.
I dumped the contents outside, and I must admit that the vinegar didn't smell bad. But it didn't look like something I wanted to clean with either. Maybe next time I try this I'll keep the pickling time to the recommended two weeks. ;-)