Thursday, November 05, 2015

Oh, Pinterest...

Dear Pinterest,
I used to really love you. "Used to" being the operative words here.

I know everyone has to make money. But seriously? I don't have a friend named "Picked for you"! And if I did, I would unfollow her. She goes overboard with the pinning! She floods my feed with copycat pins. She can't be original, noooooo. She looks at my pins and then copies them. She sees me pin one idea (which I probably liked because, you know, I pinned it). But then she quickly searches and finds as many pins as possible that are somewhat related and then that's all I see!

Let me demonstrate:

Do you see how out of control user "Picked for you" is???

So, Pinterest, since I can't unfollow Picked for you, I did a quick search, and discovered this. I quickly installed the bookmark, and now this is what I see when I go on Pinterest:

Pinterest, you're ruining yourself and missing what people like about Pinterest.

a disgruntled user