Thursday, April 24, 2014

~A Peek into my Kitchen~

Giant Breakfast Cookies
Hot tea to keep me company in the kitchen
Prepping cabbage for a new batch of sauerkraut - someone is "stealing" my cabbage for a snack. :-)
Two heads of cabbage sliced for sauerkraut
Ready to ferment!

Lowly, but delicious, beans for dinner
Just a little peek into my kitchen (all pictures taken yesterday), joining up with Heather's blog hop at Beauty that Moves.

Monday, April 21, 2014

~Ombre Nightie~

Two Saturdays ago, I tackled a container full of half-finished projects. I knocked quite a few things out, including this little nightie for my daughter:

I made it from a white pillowcase, and then used Rit dye to dye it. I am super happy with how it came out! My daughter loves it too!

Before dying:

Sunday, April 06, 2014

~Staple Blouse~

 Last night I whipped up a Staple blouse, using my Staple Dress pattern, and April's T as inspiration.

I didn't really measure - I just held the pattern up to myself and guessed at how long I wanted it. Then I made both pieces the same length.  I shirred just the back:

The fabric is 97% cotton, 3% spandex, purchased at Joann's. The spandex doesn't really add that much stretch, but it keeps the wrinkles away, which is always nice! The photos above were taken after I'd worn it all morning at church.

I like that this can be dressed up or down - I can just as easily wear this with a jean skirt as for Sunday  morning!

My mom, dad, and youngest sister were here last weekend. What a special treat! I helped my youngest sister make her own Staple dress, in fact out of this very fabric! There was enough left for me to make a blouse with. So now we can be matchy-patchy across the miles. :-)