Wednesday, July 06, 2016

A Blog Post!

I kind of forgot I had a blog!

Life got interesting - and we're currently living in an apartment. In South Carolina! And we're buying a house here, and sold our house in Michigan. See? Interesting! Maybe one day I'll write up the story.

Most of our stuff, including most of my summer clothes, is in storage. At least, as much stuff as we could pack into a storage unit, is in storage. It is crazy the amount of stuff you suddenly realize you've collected when you go to pack it all up. A 2+ car garage plus a full basement equals a lot of storage room! And then suddenly we were moving and we'd sold so.much.stuff. and we still had a ton of stuff. It was fun. Fun, I tell you. (If seeing all your earthly possessions spread on your yard, your neighbor's yard, their driveway, and the street for FOUR HOURS while friends helped load your moving truck is FUN.)

So moving on (badumpsh)...we have a fairly small apartment, but we set up my sewing machine (there was no room in storage for it!). And I've been sewing!

A sundress I made out of a thrifted ladies sundress. It was under $4 for the dress, and I never could have purchased the fabric for that! This type of fabric (with the shirring on top) is on the expensive side. This dress has my daughter's pledge of love and adoration and she wore it for five days straight before I convinced her it needed washing.

These capris were not quite as successful in the love and adoration department. When my daughter has to gets to wear these, she says, "I wish there were no such thing as mom-made capris." And I think what a great use of money and time it was for me to sew them. You win some, you lose some.

And lastly, a receiving blanket and burp cloths for my sister who just had baby boy #3. The blanket is made of double gauze, which is perfect for a summer baby, and the burp cloths are made of flannel. I used 1 1/4 yard of the double gauze for the blanket, squared it up and hemmed it (though out of the wash it shrunk one way but not the other, so it doesn't look like a square). As random things are in storage (some of my patterns but not all of them, for example) I didn't have my standard burp cloth pattern, so I found this one. I like it better than the peanut shape, I think.

I have another dress cut out for my daughter, and I bought some yarn for a baby afghan for my sister (who is expecting baby girl #1 in October). And another sister just announced her first pregnancy due in January! So I'll be busy with gifts!

So there you go - a blog post! Happy day! :-)