Thursday, March 20, 2014

~Happy Spring!~

We got a dusting of snow overnight, so much for the calendar telling us spring is here! The calendar may say, "spring" but our weather still says, "winter".

A peek out my front door:

The snow has at least started melting, which is a good thing - it was impossible to see down the street as we were backing out of our driveway! At least now we can see cars! Still a ways to go before the snow is gone though! But there's hope! :)

Saturday, March 15, 2014

~Winnie Shrug~

When Anneliese of Aesthetic Nest recently asked me to test sew her pattern, Winnie Shrug, I was happy to oblige! For my version, I used fleece and a big pink button. It was a quick, fun sew, and my daughter really likes wearing it!

At first I thought that I would just be able to trim the seam allowances and leave it unhemmed, but when I tried it on my daughter, I realized that it would gain a lot by finishing with a hem - it added structure to the garment so it stood up on it's own, as well as adding a more finished look. I'm glad I hemmed it!

Here are my pictures:

I also made the little blue skirt, following a not-quite vintage pattern in my pattern stash.

Sunday, March 09, 2014

~Ice Cream Dress~

About two years ago I won a gift certificate to an online sewing supply store. It honestly wasn't a good advertisement for the store, because it was hard to navigate, and everything I wanted was out of stock! I finally settled on two patterns which at the time were not in my daughter's current size. One of them was Oliver + S's Ice Cream Dress pattern, in sizes 5-12.

I have always loved the Ice Cream Dress. It's simplicity in styling, yet attention to detail, is the type of clothing I like my daughter to wear. I decided to break out my pattern and make it for my daughter's upcoming birthday.

I bought this fabric at Joann's, with a coupon of course. :-) I love this fabric combination! It's bright and cheery and will be the perfect spring and summer dress!

I love this dress. Love it! It fits so well, and I would like to make another dress and a top for this summer, at least. I think it is such a darling silhouette on a young girl. It harks back to a time when little girls dressed like little girls and not miniature adults.

Saturday, March 01, 2014

~Oh, hey! Hello, March!~

On this first day of March, I am thankful for:

~hands to work, a home to clean
~my back being so much stronger, the ability to clean my home without pain
~coffee, always coffee, every morning
~my big-little almost-five-year-old precious girl
~friends to share the afternoon and evening and a meal with
~and a big cup of tea which I shall retire to the couch with as soon as I click "publish"

Yesterday I snapped this picture:

and contemplated, when to get rid of a faded apron? I made this apron a month or so before I got married, with the anticipation of cooking and cleaning in my new apartment. It's taken me through a lot of cooking and cleaning, as you can see! The blue used to be a very dark navy blue. My daughter solved the dilemma of another apron by taking a pair of scissors to it! No need to ponder over a hacked up apron...

I pulled out my Crocs to wear around the house. I don't know why I haven't thought to do this sooner. They are comfortable, and when I come home and in the back door with snowy shoes, I can change to these.

So there! March is coming in as the proverbial lion. The snow is swirling outside right now. Winter is dragging on for me this year. I have to focus on what I am thankful for, but right now it seems so endless! Endless snow, high snow banks, changed plans every time we turn around. I will be so very glad to see spring!