About Me

My name is Tammy (thus the pithy title of my blog...) and I'd like to tell you a little bit about myself.

I grew up in a wonderful Christian home, with caring parents. When I was young, I realized my need to accept Christ as my Savior, and did so during devotions one night before bed.

My husband and I met in the summer of 1999. Just 11 months after our first date we said, "I do". Apart from my salvation decision, it was the best decision I've ever made! Kevin is my best friend, and I am so blessed to have him for a husband.

I don't think anyone's life is "perfect". We all have our trials we go through. One of the struggles I've gone through is infertility. After nearly seven years though, I finally saw two pink lines on a test! We were going to have a baby! It was almost unbelievable! After a long, hard pregnancy, and a long, hard labor, our daughter was born via C-section (nothing about getting her here was easy!) Our daughter is so precious to us, and even five years later, we still marvel that we are her parents. She is a wonderful gift from the Lord.

Another heartache I've been through is the grief of losing a baby. When we lost our baby in the spring of 2010, we lost a baby who was longed for, loved, and is deeply missed. It's hard to believe that it has been over four years since we lost our baby.

But through the heartaches of infertility and loss, I have learned something: all I need to complete me is God. He has brought me such a great sense of wholeness and fulfillment, something that dozens of babies couldn't bring! It is truly amazing. I am so blessed to be called a child of God, and to be able to have this relationship with Him. Without God I know that I would be in complete despair.

I do not usually post many personal details of my life. My life isn't perfect - I usually do dishes at 10:30 PM or 10:30 AM (take your pick, either option is less than ideal!), and if someone stopped by my house they might catch us in the midst of daily living. I haven't ever attempted to portray every aspect of my life - so most often I post about the happier, less-messier aspects. And when I show a finished project be assured I'm not showing the rest of the house in it's post-project state!

Thank you for stopping by - I hope that your life has been blessed in some small way by my ramblings here. God bless!


Anonymous said...

Tammy - I just read your post --you sound like a beautiful sister in Christ - we can do all things through HIM that strengthens us --I have four grown children and four grandchildren - with another one on the way in August - I lost a baby 29 years ago - and some days the pain is still there - but we know that someday we will hold them in Heaven - appreciated your article - I make a similar peach cobbler ---and flower pin cushion! Praise the Lord for you~~

Tammy said...

Thank you for your sweet comment, Deb!

Blessings! ~Tammy

Melanie said...

Just found your blog through Pinterest (I think). Read a few posts and then came to your "About Me" page. Pleasant surprise to see that you, too, are a believer :) Can't wait to devour your posts...all the way back to 2005! Haha! Best Regards.

Tammy said...

Melanie, welcome to my blog! I often read back through blogs I find via Pinterest too. :)