Thursday, February 01, 2007

~Happy February!~

The month of February has been ushered in with a bang! We're having the biggest snowstorm of the season today! The lovely snow has been coming down all morning! I say "lovely" in two tones--seriously, because I love being inside and watching the snow come down, and sarcastically, because I really don't like cold weather and the accompanying snow! So it's a toss up! At least I wore my boots today!

Now that February is here, I won't mind the stores having all the red and pink heart merchandise out. At the beginning of January, I overheard this conversation between mother and small daughter:
"Look at all the Valentine stuff, Mommy."
"Is Valentines almost here?"

I've even spotted Easter stuff. C'mon, do they really think people are going to buy it at the beginning of the year? Oh dear, I better buy this Easter towel...they might run out of them before Easter! LOL

We're being merchandised to death. Perhaps the store's marketing manager figures if you have something in front of people long enough, that they'll buy it whether they want it or not. I guess you could call it a pet peeve of mine. =) It just annoys me when the main aisles of stores are flooded with holiday items for a holiday that is months away...and most of the items are cheap junk.

Ok, done now! ;-)

Have a great day, and a marvelous February!


Anonymous said...

LOL--Tammy---I was at the store the other day and saw the cutest Valentine's Strawberry shortcake 16 month Calendar--and That is exactly what I thought...I better by it now, before they are gone..LOL. I do agree with you though, it was a little wierd seeing Christmas tree's/decor around Halloween.


Jennifer said...

Stay warm today!

Tammy said...

Now a Strawberry Shortcake calendar...that sounds cute. =) It just might be gone the next time you go shopping. *Smiles*

Thanks, Jennifer!

Happymama said...

LOL, I know what you mean about being merchandised to death. I so agree with you on that. The sad thing, is that, yes, people do think that way and that's why they begin so early. They prey on the minds of the insecure shopper!


Rona's Home Page said...

I'm a huge fan of Valentine's Day. I even enjoy decorating our living room with hearts and plenty of red.

cabcree said...

no snow here, but it has been very, very cold. They say on Sunday the high will be 2. Wind chill factor...somewhere around -35. brrrr...

Arlene said...

It annoys me, too, that stores have things up for sale so early! It would be nice to actually enjoy a holiday before seeing items up for the next one, lol!

Mrs. U said...

I agree, Tammy! We ARE merchandised to death!! I mean, BATHING SUITS are already out!! Get real, people!!! We've got ice everywhere and I'm in the south!!! What ARE they thinking???

Mrs. U

Anonymous said...