Friday, May 25, 2007

~Grand Canyon Skywalk~

Original Rendering of Project

Not worrying about the cost, would you walk out on the Skywalk?

But really, nothing is free. So would you pay $75* a person to go on the Skywalk if you were willing to walk out there?

My thoughts: I would probably not be very comfortable out there, but I might just do it, knowing that it is structurally sound. (On second thought, the more I look at pictures online, the sicker my stomach is getting! LOL) However, there’s no way I’d do it if I had to pay that much for it!

Here’s another website with pictures: click here.

*In my search I came across a blog entry detailing the blogger’s trip to the Skywalk. According to this person, there is a $25 per person ticket cost, plus an additional $50 park entrance fee per person. You may read the blog entry here, but please note that I am not endorsing their blog, and there is some language content in the post and following comments. Also, they weren’t allowed to take their camera on the Skywalk. You’re going to pay $75 a person, and you can’t take pictures of your experience???


Joyce's Ramblings said...

Paying $75 for a memory- I think not. There are other ways to see the canyon.

deb said...

I'd go out on it because I'm a dare devil from way back. :) My husband and I spent our 25th anniv at Grand Canyon in '05. We opted for the expensive helicopter ride over the Canyon. We figured we'd never have the chance again, and it was worth taking it. Beautiful, and we could take pictures you can't get from the rim.

annecourager said...

No, nope, no, uh uh. Not getting me out on that thing for love or money.

Lora K. said...

I don't care how much money you paid me... I don't see me going out on that!

Happymama said...

Well, I thought maybe I would go, but two things would hold me back. One...the price. Totally ridiculous and outrageous. The other thing was, I read a little more about the skywalk and when I saw it was a glass bottom bridge I decided there was no way I would be able to do it. I'm scared of heights anyway, and being able to see through the bridge would not be a good thing for me. LOL So it's very doubtful you would ever catch me out there. LOL


Anonymous said...

Very interesting. Thanks for sharing the links. Personally, I would love to go to the Grand Canyon. Don't know if I am brave enough to do the Skywalk though!