Tuesday, May 22, 2007

~Mindless Eating~

As I read blogs, I come across books that sound interesting. If a book sounds like a good read, I put it on my hold list on my library card. Usually, by the time I check the book out, I’ve forgotten where I saw the book (and sometimes why I even wanted to read the book. LOL) Mindless Eating: Why we Eat More Than We Think by Brian Wansink is such a book. I have no idea who recommended this book, but I’m glad I put it on my hold list!

Mindless Eating
was a very fascinating read. It is outside my usual realm of reading material (which incidentally means I can cross off another item of my 101 List!) It is not only fascinating, but often humorous, as the author shows eating patterns and behaviors of humans. It is worth the read, and I’m sure if you do read it, you’ll change a few of your own habits, as I have mine.

There is an article here which is a fun read, but if you have the time to read a whole book, I suggest the book! =)

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Mrs. U said...

Oh goodness. I am guilty of that- mindless eating. OH MY!! Maybe I should read this book, too!

Mrs. U

Emily said...

This looks like the perfect read for me! Recently, I was lamenting to my husband about how this post-baby weight just doesn't want to come off, and he said it didn't make sense to him either since I rarely get to sit and enjoy a meal without interruption, hurry, or a baby in my lap.

I've concluded that not getting to concentrate on and enjoy what I do eat is causing me to grab whatever I can quickly thus eating more.

The other thing I've noticed is that when the baby cries alot, I crave brownies and chocolate cake!

Interesting subject!

Anonymous said...

I need to update my booklist. I think I'll put this one on there. =)