Monday, May 28, 2007


A new flower for me this year, wave petunias:

Pink in the back, purple in the front. This side of the house gets too much sun for impatiens, so I found something different that liked sun. I hope they do well!

I've been moving along the waves of my afghan, and still enjoying it.


Jodi said...

Both your waves are lookin' good! ;o)

Heather said...

Your flowers are so pretty and so is the afghan.... your stitching is so even! You must have really good tension... I can't seem to get it so even.. but I guess it's just a matter of experience...? Soon I'll post some pics of my crochet project.

Mrs. U said...

You will LOVE petunias!! They are always my easiest growing flowers. And when they get really big and "leggy" around the end of June, just cut them back and they will continue to grow!!! I LOVE petunias!!

Your afghan is BEAUTIFUL!!! The colors you chose look so nice together and I can tell you've really taken your time with making sure your stitches are just so.

Mrs. U

Anonymous said...

Hi Tammy,

I think you will be very pleased with the wave petunias. They really fill in nicely and bloom so prolifically.

They also make beautiful haning baskets!


Just Theresa said...

You are so good at making things, I could never do that afghan. very good job!

Jammy said...

That afghan will be a real treasure! Love the colors!!


Stephanie said...

Your flowers look lovely!

Your afghan looks great! Did I tell you that I am finally getting the hang of knitting? Slowly but surely.

cherylharrell said...

That is a pretty afghan! It looks kinda like the one my Grandma crcoheted for my mom. Grandma crocheted me one like it but in orange white & green colors. I would lveo to be able to crochet those kinds of afghans. You are so talented to be able to do that...