Thursday, May 17, 2007

~I won!~

I was so excited today when I read on Laura’s blog that I have won the first place for the organizing challenge in the small spaces category! How exciting! The prize is $30. Now who wouldn’t be happy with that? *grin*

My closet is still neatly organized. It should stay organized for quite a long while too. I have been very careful to put things away in the right place each and every time. I can’t say how wonderfully nice it is that when I need something, I only have to pull ONE bin out or ONE box out. It has been so nice!

I am planning on using my prize money for what else other than yarn?! My afghan is a wool-eating monster! ;-)


org junkie said...

Congratulations again! I loved how you created a designated space for everything!


Susan said...

Oh, Tammy, I'm so pleased for you! When I read your closet makeover, I was thinking it was so good that you should win, so I'm thrilled that you did.

Jammy said...

OH WOW Congrats!!! It was a good job!


Mrs. U said...

Congratulations!!! You won the money AND you won great habits, too!!

Mrs. U