Wednesday, May 30, 2007

~Natural Hummingbird Nectar~

Since several people have commented on my natural nectar I'm using for my hummingbird feeder, I thought I would do a post on it.

I always felt guilty when I put out the hummingbird feeder with its thick, sugary syrup, reasoning that refined sugar was probably not the best for them. So this year, as I was buying my hummingbird feeder, I saw the nectar the store had for sale. I’ve seen it in the past, but thought, “Who would buy nectar when they can make it themselves?” I thought it was largely a convenience item. While some of the prepared nectars are just sugar and water and dye (and thereby a convenience), the others are made with natural ingredients. The nectar I purchased is even naturally dyed with hibiscus flowers. It makes me happy that my hummingbirds can be health food nuts. LOL If the label on the bottle can be trusted, the hummingbirds will actually prefer my feeder to the neighbor’s sugar-laden nectar. We’ll see! I only filled the hummingbird feeder half way, since I'm not sure that the hummingbirds have made it to our region yet.


Mrs. U said...

I'll have to look for something like this. Two years ago, I had TONS of visits from hummingbirds, but last year... nothing. I've been using the homemade nectar. Maybe they got tired of it? LOL!!!

Thank you for the tip!

Mrs. U

Heather said...

Please let us know how well the hummingbirds are taking to your new nectar. I have a feeder, but I have not taken the time to put it up; maybe this year will be the year....

Kelley said...

I have been so lucky to not have to have a feeder as we have orange trees and they are naturally attracted to the trees.
But because of the drought that we are experiencing here in southern Ca, I may have to start buying nectar and a feeder...
I always thought that they loved the red sugar water but I am going to search out a "healthier version".

You have a great blog!

Have a blessed day!

Happymama said...

I think they'll be very happy with your nectar.