Thursday, May 10, 2007

~Much better now~

Thank you, everyone, for your kind well wishes and prayers! It was sweet of you to leave the comments. Kevin and I are feeling much better now. We still aren’t 100%, but we’re well on our way! It is nice to feel alive again!

While I’m thanking everyone, I just want to say how much small gestures can mean to those around you. Around the beginning of the year, someone sent me a package of hazelnut chocolate tea. Oh my! I didn’t even know tea came in chocolate! =) The package came at a time when I was really discouraged, and it brightened my day so much! Every time I sipped a cup of that tea, I was reminded how someone was thinking of me! And then just recently, that same person sent me a get well e-card. Again, I was discouraged, and it cheered me up so much. So don’t wait to do the “big” things, and miss out on doing the “little” things for those you love and care for! I certainly need to remember this and practice it!


Jodi said...

So glad you're both feeling better! The little things do mean a lot. I've been known on occasion to ponder to pieces the simplest gesture of generosity and thereby lose my chance to act. I'm not sure if it's spiritual maturity or physical maturity [aka old age ;o)], but I am changing in this regard. It is so freeing to readily offer bouquets of kindness. What a sweet reminder you offer in your post. :o)

deb said...

Yes, glad you're both feeling better, Tammy. You were missed. :)

Mrs.B. said...

Glad you're both feeling better! (o:

However I think you've passed your sickness onto me because now I'm sick! )o: