Thursday, September 17, 2009

~Enjoying your area~

No matter where you live, there is something unique about your area. When we lived in the Bay Area of California, we could be in San Fransisco in 45 minutes, be at the coast in under an hour, take a winding road through the Redwoods, or go to the mountains which were a little further away.

Here in Michigan, you don't have to travel far to get to *a* lake, and *the* Lake is never far away.

On Monday evening, we hopped in the car and drove to the lake. I will tell you, it took us a few years to truly enjoy being at the lake, and to stop comparing it to the ocean. But once we stopped lamenting about our ocean-less state, we started enjoying the lake. Funny how that works, isn't it?

Kevin went for a swim, can you see him?

while I stayed further back on a beach towel, enjoying the late afternoon sun, the seagulls overhead, and the sound of the waves. The Baby tried to eat the sand. ;-)

Footsies in the sand:

What are some things about your area that you enjoy?


Heather said...

I love the tree-topped limestone riverbluffs above golden autumn colored cornfields and the iconic Gateway Arch and city skyline only a handful of miles in the distance.

Charity said...

I think a great mini-vacation is enjoying things around home. Sometimes we get too busy otherwise! (I've seen the Redwoods - so beautiful!!)

Tammy said...

Heather - my parents took me to see the Arch when I was a little girl. I'd love to visit again someday!

lauramichelle79 said...

I love our little "tin castle" as I call our little rental trailer. Living in the capitol of my state is nice. being in the middle of North Carolina where I can up and go to the beach or the mountains in a matter of a few hours. I truly love that my home is tucked away like it's in the country but yet is right in the middle of a big city. So many blessings! Thanks for helping me stop and consider all the things I love about "home"

Deb said...

Tammy ~ I love this whole part of Virginia...the Valley with beautiful mountains on both sides! I love stepping out on my front porch and thinking that people would pay money to be vacationing right where I look out each day. I love driving up the road to amish country and seeing buggies on the road and shopping at farmers' markets. I like the country-ness of our area and hope I'll always live here.