Friday, September 25, 2009

~Sunday Dinner~

Freedom from Want
Freedom from Want

Quite a few months ago, Kevin and I were talking to someone after church, and she said that she needed to get home, and that she was going to heat leftovers for dinner. She then mentioned that they do this every Sunday. I thought that was a fantastic idea, and have started doing that for us!

I usually save Friday's supper leftovers for Sunday's dinner (the noon meal). When I'm planning my menu, I plan something that will make good leftovers, and plan to make enough for two meals.

This has worked so well for us! We live about 40 minutes from our church, so by the time we get home after church, we are hungry! I have tried to do nice meals on Sundays (such as a roast) but even when it cooks in the crockpot, and is done when we get home, there is still a lot of preparation to do in order for it to be ready to get onto the table - you have to take the roast out and slice or shred it, separate out the potatoes and carrots, and make gravy. With leftovers, you pull them out of the fridge, heat them and you're ready to eat.

I'll give you an example of last Sunday. On Friday we had grilled chicken, pilaf, and corn on the cob. On Sunday I cut the corn off the cob and steamed it for a minute or two to heat it. I put the rice in my skillet, cut the chicken in bite-size pieces and put it on top of the rice. I added a little water so the rice wouldn't stick, and then put the lid on the skillet and heated over medium for a few mintues. All this was ready in just minutes.

This is the easiest and fastest thing we've ever done for Sunday's dinner (besides fast food on the way home from church!). It cuts about an hour of my time out of the kitchen and still provides us with a nice, homemade dinner on Sundays.

What do you do on Sundays? I'd love to hear your ideas and menus!


Melody said...

We do simple meals as well. To be honest, I do miss the more formal meals, but simple works so much better for us on Sundays.

Leftovers are a biggie, but we also do tossed salads or crockpot meals like chicken and rice. As the weather cools, we'll probably switch to more soup-like meals because they're faster to eat and throw in the crock before we leave.

I'm curious to see what others do though!

Jenn said...

Ive been away from your blog for quite some time, but wanted to Congratulate you on your little girl! =) I am enjoying catching up on your blog.

Jenn M.

Tammy said...

Melody, I miss the more formal meals too, but I don't miss the time in the kitchen!

Jenn, thanks for stopping in!