Saturday, September 26, 2009

~A very fallish corner~

Here's a little sneak peak at my fall decorating:

This little guy stood in my dining room last year, but this year I am keeping him off the floor so I don't have to rescue him from The Baby. :-)

I've gotten my living room decorated and I'm anxious to show pictures, but it started an avalanche of cleaning. Since our living area is so open, I can't just snap pictures with a mess in the background. Well, I could, but who wants to see that? Well, actually, maybe you do want to see my mess, but I do not want you to see it. ;-) So until I get my home-sweet-homey mess picked up, this picture will have to suffice. :-)


Charity said...

Cute! I can't wait to see your other fall decor. I know about the cleaning, for some reason fall has made me want to do some sorting of my own.... although I haven't actually started yet. :)

Brynwood Needleworks said...

I love your little fall corner. It's my favorite time of year in the north. Here in the south, it starts to cool off, but we never have the color change and crisp autumn air I so love in Wisconsin. It's hard to get into the fall decorating spirit when it doesn't relate to anything I'll enjoy seeing more of your photos as you post them!
Happy Fall!

Meredith said...

I think open plan rooms are the hardest to keep clean and decorate--let alone photograph!

Your corner looks so bright! We are making paper maiche pumpkins and can't wait to set up a little spot like yours.

Tammy said...

Meredith - you are so right! Open plan rooms are hard to keep clean, decorate, photograph, etc. BUT I do love the openness of our home! It was one of the features that caused us to buy it. It just takes a little more creativity!